Mother's Day

As you can imagine, Mother's Day is a joyous celebration at Vintage Jolie. Being that we are a mother daughter team, we revel in the idea of celebrating each other anytime we can. Mother's Day for us typically means the entire family getting together for lunch and spending the day watching kiddos play, doting on all the moms and letting our husbands change all the diapers! Since we enjoy celebrating so much, we thought we would extend the party and invite you darling! From now until May 13th we are offering 2% off our favorite items featured in our Mother's Day Collection with code Mom25. So choose your favorites, find the perfect gifts, and shop away darling!

We want each and every mother that has shopped with us, supported us, shared a smile with us, and ignored the tantrums our littles were throwing, to know that we adore you and we wish you the happiest Mother's Day Darlings!